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PanOutVentures: Canoe and chill in Vättlefjäll

Dear friends,

By popular demand we are going to relive this Swedish dream that some describe as the most memorable trip from last year.

For those who can, we will take a long weekend in Vättlefjäll National Park in Sweden, just outside of the second largest city in Sweden - Gothenburg. However, it is come and go as you like and by whatever means you prefer and like last time the focus is not necessarily on hiking but rather on camp life, games, mental recreation, cooking, bush craft etc. with the possibility for day hikes out of camp.

If you do not arrive at night there is a good possibility to rent a canoe from just outside the park where the parking lot is and paddle up to the campsite with a few crossings, then keep the canoe to explore the lakes and islands during our stay. Otherwise it is a 5-6k walk from the bus stop / parking lot to the camp site.


The first of us will probably meet at Vättlastugan in Angered west of Gothenburg app. at noon on Thursday depending on public transportation times when we get closer (https://goo.gl/maps/TWo1jmnnEfS2). If you go by public transportation, you can take either the train or a Flixbus to Gothenburg Central Station and then take tram line 4 or 9 towards Angered and get off at the end station. From there you can take a local bus or walk the 2 kilometers to Vättlestugan.

Time of departure from the camp on Sunday (or any other day) is open, depending on our mood, the weather, connections etc.

For train tickets go to sj.se. For bus tickets go to Flixbus. Tram tickets can be bought via the app called Västtrafik.

(single ticket, Göteborg, 90 minutes, 28 SEK).

If you wish to rent a canoe, this is the place.


From Vättlestugan, the distance to Stora Kroksjön where we will camp is app. 5 km. From there, those who wish to hike more are welcome to go on trips together and explore the area during the weekend. We will walk (or paddle) almost the same way back on Sunday, app. 6-7 km.

We will set up camp by/in one of the 3-4 shelters by the beautiful lake. The shelters cannot be booked in advance, so if the first one is not free, we''''''''ll just walk or paddle to the next one.


The shelters are quite small, so everybody should bring a tent or other alternative means of shelter + sleeping bag and mat. For information about other basic equipment, please refer to the standard packing list.

Bearing in mind that the distance is quite short and that we are going stay put for a whole weekend, bring absolutely all the fun and cool stuff you can carry. Nice food/drinks, fun games, tools for bush crafting and whatever you can think of.

Water from the lake is 100 % drinkable, so there is no need to carry water for a whole weekend, just enough for the short hike is sufficient. if you are afraid of drinking the water fresh out of the lake, you can boil it first or go to your preferred outdoor shop and but a water filtration system or purifier. Alternatively, you can walk back to Angered every day and find a place to get tap water :)

After sign-up deadline we will discuss if we want to delegate food duties or just bring our own food.


The trip is free of charge if you are a member of Pan Idræt, but you must pay for your own transport and food as usual. Please sign up below.



If you have any questions about the trip, equipment etc., please do not hesitate to post here in the Facebook event or send an email to tour leader.

Tour leader: Patrick Jim Hedensted (heeds@outlook.com)

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16.07.2020 kl. 10.00 - 19.07.2020 kl. 20.00
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