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Pan OutVentures: Canoe Trip 2020

This summer in a lake near you.. ish! Join us for the popular recurring event of our annual canoe trip to Sweden. This time on what is said to be the most beautiful lake in Sweden - Ivösjön in Skåne.


We will meet by Wetlandi Canoe Center in Axeltorp, Sweden on Friday at 12, so this means you will probably have to take a day off from work. For those who are taking public transportation there is a connection from Copenhagen Central Station towards Karlskrona Centralstation at 8.47 with change to bus in Bromölla. We will leave from Axeltorp Sunday in the afternoon at a flexible hour - expect to be back at Copenhagen Central Station no later than 19:00 if you are taking bus and train.


As soon as we have the canoes, we will set out from Axeltorp in the East of Lake Ivösjön and paddle around the lake according to our liking with no set goals other than the first nights accomodation (see below). There is plenty of option to give your suggestion to where we should sail or what you want to see. There should also be plenty of time for scenic pauses, playing games and chitchatting. 


We will spend the first night in a small hostel up a creek off of the lake - Humlegården. On Saturday evening, we will camp in the wild on one of the many islands in the lake and hopefully make a nice campfire. Do not worry if you do not have a tent, OutVentures has extra tents and many participants have extra equipment as well. 
We can cook together or you can bring your own food. There is an ICA Maxi supermarket in Bromölla where we pass through on the way there, where we can buy supplies. After that there are no more opportunities to buy supplies, but of course there will be places to get drinking water during the weekend. 


- Tent/tarp/hammock

- Sleeping mat

- Sleeping bag

 - Cooking equipment if you have any 


There is no fee for the trip, but you must sign up here in Klubmodul. Apart from that, you must book and pay for the following yourself:

- Train + bus ticket to "Bromölla Alextorp" and back. It is easiest to download the "Skånetrafiken” app and buy tickets there (valid for both train and bus). If you are two adults buying tickets together in the app, there is a 20 % discount – app. 250 DKK per person for both ways. 

- Tour leader will inquire about accomodation at Humlegården. More on price and practicalities to follow asap. 

- Canoe and equipment (the booking system is not cutting edge tech, so have patience). Since a canoe is made for two, please pair up with someone from the participant list on Facebook or Klubmodul to book and pay for a canoe with. It does not necessarily mean you have to share a canoe with that person, we can always switch it up, it is just to make sure everybody booked a seat and that all canoes are filled up. A canoe for two without extra equipment for the whole weekend should be app. 700 DKK in total, i.e. 350 DKK pr. person. 
If you do not have rest gear and cooking equipment, it is possible to choose this as extra equipment when you book the canoe (or probably later too), but ask around first. 

TOTAL PRICE APP. 1000 DKK + food expenses.


- Sign up here on the webpage (you will receive a confirmation via email)

- Buy tickets in the app “Skånetrafiken” if you are taking public transportation.

- Book your canoe together with someone else (2 days and 8 hours from Friday 14 August, that''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''s week 33!)

- Check back soon for info about hostel accomodation 


Patrick Jim Hedensted.


Do not hesitate to contact tour leader via pm on Facebook, email (heeds@outlook.com) or post in the Facebook event

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14.08.2020 kl. 08.30 - 16.08.2020 kl. 19.00
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